Bridging Tables and Slowly Changing Dimensions

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Bridging Tables and Slowly Changing Dimensions

Post  kpdw166 on Wed Feb 20, 2013 9:30 am


Iím looking at building a bridging table between my customers dimension and accounts dimension, which will have the following attributes;


My customer and account dimensions are both slowly changing dimensions with type 2 attributes. Should my bridging table only include the surrogate keys from my current records in each of my dimensions or should it include the history as well.

If I should include the history, how do I prevent this being confusing when reporting account to customer relationships? The begin and end dates on the bridging table would contain dates when a relationship started/ended and when a record in either of the dimension tables closed or was created.

I may have a relationship with multiple rows that have ended because these rows relate to changes in the attributes in the underlying dimensions but only relate to one closed relationship. How do I get around this issue or do you have another solution?

Also I have attributes on my bridging table that can be type 2 attributes (first time buyer indictor for example). Is it correct to have these on the bridging table and can I manage the changes of these too without confusing the account to customer relationships.

Many thanks


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