Overpayments Fact and dimension tables

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Overpayments Fact and dimension tables

Post  tim_goodsell on Wed May 30, 2012 12:09 am


My source system has a table that contains information concerning overpayments (each record is a separate overpayment):

Each record contains

Client ID
Overpayment Date
Gross Overpaid amount
Net Overpaid amount
Tax overpaid amount
First letter sent date
Second letter sent date
Third letter sent date
Balance owing
Amount repaid

The primary key is Client ID, Overpayment date

This table is updated (Balance owing, amount repaid ) each time a payment is made to reduce the overpayment or when a letter is sent (First Letter, Second Letter, Third Letter). The table has modifed user/date fields

Should I just have one fact table containing the above information (history of the overpayment) or a dimension table (overpayment) and a fact table. I am trying to create a monthly snapshot table that indicates the state of the overpayment/repayment process at the end of each month.




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Overpayments Fact and dimension tables

Post  hkandpal on Wed May 30, 2012 7:21 am


you can have the clinet info in the dimension table but the overpayment should be a fact table ? Will there be a case of more than 3 overpayment letters being sent and if yes will the system be intrested in capturing that.



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