Help with ragged multiple hierarchy design

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Help with ragged multiple hierarchy design

Post  mahajas on Fri Jun 07, 2013 10:55 am

I am trying to design a Telecom Network hierarchy. The elements of hierarchy are Market -> Zip -> Switch -> Tower -> Sector. In some cases a tower can be served by more than 1 switch max 2-3. Also, there are multiple hierarchies in the dimension for e.g. Owing Sector Hierarchy, Coverage Sector Hierarchy basically where the tower sits and where the sector/antennas are beaming. There could be more hierarchies for e.g Finance might want to see the aggregated data in different way. How should I build a hierarchy like this?

1) Should I flatten the hierarchy and include multiple hierarchies using role-plays?
2) Should I use the bridge table? If yes, is it going to be difficult to roll up and could the metrics be double counted in this case? Also, do I need have parent/child name columns for each parent/child realionship in the bridge tables?
3) Should I create multiple tables one for each level and stamp the business keys for each table depending upon what level the data came in. For e.g. Table1: Market/Zip, Table2: Zip/Switch, Table3:Switch/Tower, Table4: Tower/Sector. If the data comes at Secotor level I will stamp business keys for Table1, Table2, Table3 and Table4.

Thanks in advance for you help?


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A Split Percentage??

Post  PrasannaGanduri on Mon Jun 10, 2013 6:29 am

I believe if we can have the granularity of the fact at the Splitt percentage factor of these combinations while loading fact, we can multiply the factor with fact values to obtain the actual values.


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