Data in a fact or dimenzion table or bridge table

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Data in a fact or dimenzion table or bridge table

Post  MK on Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:00 am


Please review how to create a model. I have health care providers belonging to several regional units.
Analysis will need to be varied according to regional units, as well as
which care providers belong to a regional unit

care providers Regional Unit
1000 1
1002 1
1002 2

Is it wise to have a regional unit in the FACT table as a foreign key (Regional Unit dimension) as well as in the table of Care providers.

Is it better to have fk of regional unit in dimension of providers and linked table of Regional unit and Care Providers.
Do I must have bridge table or j just put fk dimension of provider and i have relationship M:M in one table. With olap tool
I can define ralationships in one table.

Best regards and thanks in advance, K


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Re: Data in a fact or dimenzion table or bridge table

Post  umutiscan on Tue Apr 09, 2013 1:22 am


If you have Care Provider Key in your fact table, you cannot put the regional unit key of that record. Because that provider may belong to more than one Regional Unit.
I have seen some examples that identify one regional unit as "master", and put that "master key" in to the fact table.

But your case is the classical many to many problem and the solution is bridge table between your fact and Regional Unit dimension.


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