Can the Same Attribute Appear in Muiliple Dimensions

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Can the Same Attribute Appear in Muiliple Dimensions

Post  RailModeler on Mon Mar 04, 2013 6:46 pm

I work for a Railcar leasing company that leases many different types of railcars (cover hoppers, flat cars, gondollas tanks, etc) with many diffrent types of specs for each individual railcar that change over time. Due to the number of different types of specs, we are going to have a General Specs dimension, Weight dimension, Door dimension, and a Dimension dimension. Each of these dimensions would be slowly changing dimensions. The unquie serial number called a Car Id would appear in each dimension.

My question then is it acceptable best practice to have an attribute, in this example, the Car Id, appear in more than one dimension.

I would appreciate any feedback.



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Re: Can the Same Attribute Appear in Muiliple Dimensions

Post  bruce.szalwinski on Thu May 23, 2013 5:57 pm

One idea that comes to mind is a RailCar dimension with snowflakes to your other dimensions.

- dim rail car key (surrogate key)
- car id (natural key)
- dim general key (snowflake to general dimension)
- dim weight key (snowflake to weight dimension)
- dim door key (snowflake to door dimension)
- dim dim key ( snowflake to dimension dimension)

Car Id is then only known in RailCar dimension. I'm familiar with using type 2 dimensions in fact tables. Not sure how that would work in the above dimension. Also, I'm concerned about the Weight dimension. It sounds like a measure. The weight of the car changes based on the contents.


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