Questionnaire for medical record entries

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Questionnaire for medical record entries

Post  DrRobotto on Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:38 am

Good afternoon,

I am currently working on a data warehouse in the health care sector and I currently facing this problem:

The aim of this warehouse is to have an overview of a cancer therapy. So, I have created the following fact table (extract):

Medical Record Fact
Patient Key (FK)
Entry Key (FK)

Entry Dimension
Entry Key (PK)
Group Name

For measurements the tables are filled as follows:
Medical Record Fact:
1|1| 5.4

Entry Dimension
1|Blood Count|White Blood Cells|microgram

But I have a problem if the patient fills up a questionnaire. I came up with two designs, but I do not know, which design is more appropriate:

First approach:
Entry Dimension
1|Fever|< 38|degrees
2|Fever|< 40|degrees

Medical Record Fact:

Second approach:
Entry Dimension

Medical Record Fact:
1|1|< 38 degrees
3|2|> 40 degrees

For the first design, I save alle the answers in the dimension table and for the second approach I save
the responses in the fact table. Note: There are also questions, which do not have any unit for example symptoms.

I have tried also to consult the book where a design for survey questionnaire data
is described but this design is confusing me:
In the picture I see the response attribute in the fact table and in the last sentence we can read that we have
a response dimension table.

Thank you in advance for any help!


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