Fact design advice

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Fact design advice

Post  zipzap on Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:21 am

I am designing a transactional fact table that replicates the history of the customers transactions with us. Something along the following lines:

Customer Product Transaction TypeMonth
101 Value New Sale 01
101 Value Moved From 03
101 FinestMoved To03
102 Value New Sale 01
102 Value Moved From 03
102 FinestMoved To03

Based on this fact table design, if I have to create a report that shows me all the customers that moved from Value to Finest in month 03, would it be possible?

The report should show both, the ‘from’ product and the ‘to’ product along with the number every month.

Could I have a simpler fact table design? Maybe have two keys in the same row that shows ‘value’ and ‘finest' in the same row as ‘old prod key’ and ‘new prod key’?

But if I do that, then potentially every dimension could have an old value and a new value which will make the fact table very wide.


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Fact design advice

Post  hkandpal on Thu Oct 04, 2012 12:42 pm


How many rows will be there in a month ? For one customer can you have only one transaction type or more ? WIill you have a report where you will compare data where the months are not consecutive.

The best is to join the data for two months and get the comparisn.



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