Universe level Security for BW universe in BI 4.0

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Universe level Security for BW universe in BI 4.0

Post  Afaf on Mon Sep 24, 2012 10:35 pm


We are planning to build a universe on top of BW system using either Bex query or InfoCube as a data source. As we know, BW universes are quite different from regular universes. The only connentivity available in IDT is SAP JCO to build universe on BW. My concern is row level security in BW universe. So the question is, will I be able to implement row level security if I build a universe using JCO connectivity on infocube? what happens if I use Bex query instead of infocube?

I know there is a better option of building security at BW end and then mapping the roles into CMC. But that's is not a possibility here because of BW licensing issues. So what are my options if I need to build a universe (with row level security, @functions etc.) on BW?

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