DW design question - user/role integration to the data

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DW design question - user/role integration to the data

Post  bt.solidbee on Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:22 am

I am looking to build an SSAs cube . Straight to the point, here is the source table structure I have,
Table : User (UserID, Username)
Table : Role ( RoleID)
Table: Client(ClientID, ClinetName)
Table :UserRoleLink (UserID,RoleID) , One user will have only one role, one role can go to multiple users
Table: Transaction (ClientID, TransDate, TransReference, Amount)
Table: TransRoleLink(ClientID,RoleID) , A role can have multiple ClientID, A clientID can go to multiple RoleID)

I identified 2 options with me now, Just wanted to know if there is any 3rd option available or which is the best option.
Option 1
FactTrans (skClientID, TransDate, TransReference, Amount)
FactRole(skUserID,skClientID) This fact has a link to the previous Fact , which i am not sure is correct.Also taking out the role concept and lining user to client here.
Option 2
FactTrans (skClientUser, TransDate, TransReference, Amount) Simply duplicate the rows to accomodate every combination clientUser.

Thanks in advance


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Re: DW design question - user/role integration to the data

Post  ngalemmo on Tue Jul 24, 2012 10:58 pm

How many roles may a single transaction row have in relation to client/user? Can only one role, as it relates to the client, be assigned to a single transaction? Then just treat everything as individual dimensions and have FK's to client, user and role in the transaction fact and get rid of the 'link' tables. If a single row can play many roles you need to either allocate measures in the fact to correspond with the role, or you build a bridge table to link this row to a list of roles that applied at the time of the transaction.

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