How to model events, effects and actions (noob)

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How to model events, effects and actions (noob)

Post  ezryder on Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:04 pm


In my busines process I have events which have a one to many relationship with effects and events also have a one to many relationship with actions (the actions are there to repair or mitigate effects). Several of the requirements need to look at the event, actions and effects in combination however.

I am using sql server and referring to the "Microsoft DW Toolkit". The term "Relational Dimensional Model" used in this book is confusing me slightly so I'd like to test my understanding of it.

I am thinking in my dimensional model design I should have one fact table for events one for actions and one for effects. These would be stored in the "Relational Dimensional Model" which is the MSSQL database engine.

Each of these tables are linked by event so am I correct in thinking what I would then do to satisfy my requirements is to combine these into one cube in SSAS.

I guess I have two questions:
i) Is it appropriate to have these separate fact tables in my design?
ii) have I interpreted the "Relational Dimensional Model" term correctly?


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