I have a problem with currency conversion

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I have a problem with currency conversion

Post  mobzam on Wed Oct 19, 2011 2:41 pm

I am developing a BI system where data is stored in one currency and the users want to be generating reports in many currencies. I have read the books and articles such this http://consultingblogs.emc.com/christianwade/archive/2006/08/24/currency-conversion-in-analysis-services-2005.aspx and followed the instructions but it is just displaying one wrong v figures. I have those dimensions and facts for time, currency dimension and sales and exchange rates facts respectively. When I try to generate reports in different currency i get wrong figures. please help me. I am expecting same values displayed in different currencies but I am not getting that. In the other words I want one -to - many .Thanks in advance. Attached is the wrong results I am getting http://i46.servimg.com/u/f46/16/96/25/19/result13.jpg


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