Rapidly Changing Dimensions

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Rapidly Changing Dimensions

Post  praneeth61 on Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:33 am

Hi All,

I got an issue with rapidly changing dimension.

I am explaining a scenario.

In a company XX, Customer creates Projects(A project contains products) when he buys some thing from XX. The system internally creates orders for each project and the tickets are generated for each order. Tickets contain all the sale information, quantity, whose delivering the product.

Our client is requesting the drill down from Customer->Project->Order->Ticket.

I considered Order and ticket as degenerate dimensions as they grow in size along with fact table, but I thought this wont satisfy the above requirement because for drill across we need to have order and tickets as stand alone dimensions.

I snowflaked customer and project to achieve drill down from Customer->Project. I was struck here and from here I dont know how to achieve the remaining part of the drill down from project as
1. order and tickets grow in size on a daily basis.and
2. I considered them as degenerate dimesions.

Can some one suggest me how to approach this requirement?

Thanks in Advance,


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